Thursday, March 18, 2010

Adbrite Vs Adsense

Adsense has long been the staple of bloggers and online media makers since it was released. It's trustworthy, as Googleis publicly traded stock, and a large corporation. While easy to use, it does have some downsides. Publishers are able to put no more than three ad blocks per page, limiting the amount of impressions you can generate. Checks are only mailed out at a hundred dollars, which can take months, years even, for small bloggers to generate. Ads are only offered on a CPC basis, so raw impressions will do nothing for you. However, if you have enough quality traffic to your blog,Adsense can be your number one source of revenue.

Adbrite, on the other hand, is just as trustworthy. While they don't belong to a major company, they do have some pretty big clients, as well as flexible pricing for advertisers. Ads are offered in a variety of formats, and can come in bothCPM and CPC formats. In text ads are easy to implement, as well as large, full page ads in between your content. Checks are mailed out to bloggers at amounts from five dollars and up, so even if you're only getting a hundred or so hits a day you can get a check in your first month or so.

From my own personal experience, I have earned more from Adsense, but that's because I have implemented Adsenserevenue share into Triond, another benefit of Adsense. A quick web search will show hundreds of sites that offer revenue sharing with Google Adsense on their site. Adbrite, however, has Adsense on very even ground. With CPM ads, no limit to the amount of ads per page, low cash outs and varying ad sizes, Adbrite is an equal opponent to Google's advertising giant.

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