Thursday, March 18, 2010

Two Social Bookmarking Sites That Will Pay You to Backlink Your Work!

Creating backlinks to your articles and blog posts is a long process, eating up valuable time that could be spent instead on writing more content. But creating these backlinks is extremely important, and if you want to get visitors there's no way around it. However, backlinking would probably be more enjoyable if you got paid for it, wouldn't it? Well, I have found two sites that will pay you through google Adsense if you use their sites to create backlinks.


SheToldMe is described as "Like Digg, except you get paid". SheToldMe has a 100% Adsense rev-share policy, which means that every link that you share could potentially earn you money through your Adsense account. Your ads are shown all the time, and you keep all of your earnings, so there's really no downside. It is extremely easy to get onto the front page of the site, and you'll continue to get large amounts of traffic on popular posts for weeks after you've posted them.


Xomba allows you to either write articles or post links with short descriptions. For best results, you should only post links to outside content, called Xomblurbs, and comment on other people's work. You can add links into your signature so that every single comment and forum post works for you as well as your links. There is a 50/50 revenue split between you and Xomba, but every click will give you half of the revenue, so this is a good backup to SheToldMe.

Either site can create powerful backlinks and lots of hits, but they work best when used in combination. I have provided my referral link to both sites, which gives me a portion of revenue, but does not decrease your own. Instead, the sites themselves will pay me. Please sign up using those links if you're interested in either site.

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